Not likely.

February 26, 2009

Hi. I’m Jessica. I really like to write, and although I haven’t been able to get around to it because of my ridiculous schedule/laziness, I’ve actually been itching to write something. I don’t know how well this will go. I’m fascinated and intrigued with things quickly, but then just as suddenly an obsession comes up it also leaves. For instance, I recently rediscovered, which I’ve been playing on for the last six years. I was incredibly dismayed to find out that not only was I unable to remember my password, but  I also no longer used the email address to which the password would have been sent to had I requested it. So sad, especially when I think about how much effort I put into collecting neopoints and etc. 

With my mind being so fickle as to what’s “new” and “hot”, I often have a hard time keeping up with things. I currently have this blog, another on tumblr, a twitter account, a blogspot, a moleskine journal, a livejournal, a xanga, and others that I’m probably forgetting about. I’m terrified of forgetting things, and I’m especially concerned with details of my life: jokes people told, cute people I’ve seen, drama, and of course, meaningless but oh-so-precious conversations with people. 

I wonder if I’ll always be constrained to this on and off temperament.